Risk Assessment & Analysis

ISO 22301 describes Risk as: The effect of uncertainty on objectives.

In Business Continuity terms we prepare organisations ahead of major incidents occurring which cause business interruption.

Failure to manage these incidents effectively (often derived from known risks materialising) could result in more harmful consequences for an organisation such as the failure to deliver its strategic goals (and even the continuation of its existence in some cases).

Risk assessment and Threat analysis activities conducted with organisations provides the likelihood and impact information should those unacceptable concentrations of risk to essential business elements materialise due to a lack of effective controls and procedures.

DisasterComUK consulting practitioners have been engaged to conduct extensive Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis activities across organisations large and small, producing and presenting collated information in many forms (such as Risk Registers and Heat Maps as examples).

We have also been involved in producing business cases to mitigate some of the risks we have identified and quantified as well as developed many Crisis Management procedures, Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery plans to manage the impacts to non-mitigated risks should they ever present themselves as major incidents.