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We will help your organisation improve it’s resilience to major incidents and prepare you to deliver an effective response. Whatever the threat.

DisasterComUK consists of Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and ICT Disaster Recovery consultants, contractors, and trainers.

The DisasterComUK team consists of consulting practitioners with extensive resilience planning expertise in IT, Telecommunications, Local Government, Finance and Banking,  Manufacturing, Insurance, Supply Chain and Transport logistics, Food, and Retail as example industry sectors.

DisasterComUK is a fully scalable solution for organisations requiring one or many resources to develop or simply support their Business Continuity Management activities at a local, national or international level.

Ignoring relevant Business Continuity statistics is a high-risk strategy for long term business survival.


Do you recognise your business amongst these statistics?

Percentage of UK businesses who admit to not having Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plans in place
Percentage of UK business owners who felt there was no requirement to have any formal plans
Percentage of UK Managers who recognise Business Continuity as improving business resilience

Now consider these statistics

Percentage of businesses affected by a major incident who subsequently fail within 18 months

Percentage of businesses that lose Data due to major incidents who are forced to shut within 2 years

DisasterComUK works with you to protect your organisation and maintain your business continuity when major incidents occur.


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